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Forfatter: Joseph Campbell
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IDEF0 is a function modeling methodology for defining business, manufacturing and IT processes as businesses must adapt to survive against competitors and innovate to grow, those which have the best tools tend to succeed. IDEF0 Map is a tool which provides you with access to over 65 templates which you can use and reuse to your exact needs as well as provide additional inspiration to create your own to jump start the task of mapping or creating new processes with only a few taps of the screen.

As one of the hardest aspects of facilitating the task of mapping processes is finding just the right template as creating an effective process map isnt about just writing the information down, its about conveying the message to others to take action. This is where IDEF0 Map provides you the edge with over 65 templates which can be used to either your exact need or spur the creative juices to create your own in the App. Once completed you can e-mail it to your team, save it to the camera role as an image, or even post Facebook and Twitter as sharing in IDEF0 Map is both flexible and easy.

Even if your old school and want to work off a white board, no problem as simply use the built in camera feature of IDEF0 Map to capture, markup and share your inspiration. Todays business is all about collaboration and IDEF0 Map allows you to be connected and agile with its powerful Ramer–Douglas–Peucker handwriting engine to capture your thoughts on the fly!